Marine Agency Services

Marine Agency Services

Full Port Agency

F.K. Warren/McLean Kennedy makes sure your ship arrives and departs smoothly and quickly at minimal cost. We’re a one-stop shop for all your port agency needs in Canada and the US Great Lakes.

What makes us your port agent of choice?

  • We offer consistency, professionalism, and high service levels at all ports.
  • With six offices across the country, we can handle almost every port in Canada with our own experienced staff.
  • We maintain clear, open lines of communication, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We expedite port calls and cargo operations.
  • We minimize port costs, prevent delays, and make recommendations to improve your voyage and experience.
  • We understand your issues and we’re here to help.
  • We have experience in almost every port in the Maritimes, Québec, and the Great Lakes.
  • We leverage our century of experience and relationships in the industry to ensure timely, personalized, and seamless service—whatever you need.

We offer everything from full port agency to specific services on an as-needed basis to vessel owners, charterers, and cargo interests, as well as to shipping companies, terminals, freight forwarders, and cruise lines.

Full Port Agency
  • Itinerary or voyage planning
  • Vessel operations
  • Safe and appropriate berth allocation
  • Pilotage, towage, and line handling
  • Customs and immigration requirements
  • Bunker coordination
  • Stevedoring and trucking for cargo operations
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Loading of ship’s stores and provisions
  • Delivery of air freight
  • Licensed and bonded security staff
  • Any and all husbandry services requested
  • Repairs
Husbandry Services
Our agents arrange and coordinate:
  • Crew changes including flights, transfers, accommodations, and immigration requirements
  • Crew medicals and hospitalizations
  • Procurement and delivery of nautical charts
  • Secure cash to master delivery
  • AWB and ship spares delivery
  • Fresh water loading
  • Sanitation certificates
  • Waste removal
  • Repairs and technical assistance
  • Divers
  • Class inspections
  • Mail and courier services
  • Any and all other services requested by master or owners

Tanker Ship

Owner’s Protective Agency (OPA)
Our agents arrange and coordinate specific items for each account, including but not limited to:
  • Vessel operations
  • Cargo loading supervision
  • Disbursement account and expense monitoring
  • Surveyor appointment
  • Emergency repairs
  • Asian gypsy moth inspection
  • Special requests
  • All husbanding requirements
St. Lawrence Seaway Agency
  • Assistance with Seaway clearance and transits
  • Preparation for calling at Canadian and US Great Lake Ports
Cruise Ship Agency
F.K. Warren/McLean Kennedy is one of the premier cruise line agencies in Canada, serving:
  • The GREAT LAKES, and

We provide cruise agency services to a large number of vessels in Eastern Canada and have extensive experience with itineraries in the Canadian Arctic and the Great Lakes. We provide a full complement of cruise services, including full or partial port agency and itinerary planning. We also have experienced staff available at smaller ports throughout Eastern Canada.

The benefits of our cruise ship agency services include:
  • Professional itinerary planning
  • Port cost mitigation
  • Expert service for transit and turn calls
  • Consistent disbursement accounts
  • Knowledgeable and quick responses
  • Improved passenger experience
Liner Services and Logistics
We take great pride in providing our customers with:
  • Seamless transportation from door to door
  • Timely documentation
  • Customs manifests in their required time frame
  • Proper equipment on time frame and on budget
  • Vendor coordination at a competitive rate

Big ship or small ship, big port or small port, F.K. Warren/McLean Kennedy is the team for you.