Advocacy Work

Advocacy Work

To better serve, advise, and advocate for our customers, we hold memberships and are active in a number of related organizations and industry associations. This helps us keep pace with regulatory matters, amendments to legislation, and technological advancements—and pass that knowledge on to you.

F.K. Warren/McLean Kennedy sits on the board of the following organizations:

  • Shipping Federation of Canada
  • Halifax Employers Association
  • Maritime Regional Advisory Council on Oil Spill Response

We also hold membership in:

  • Shipping Federation of Canada Pilotage Committee
  • Shipping Federation of Canada Cruise Committee
  • Halifax Shipping Association
  • Saint John Employers Association
  • Halifax Chamber of Commerce
  • Cape Breton Partnership
  • Strait Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Great Lakes Cruising Coalition
  • Cruise the Edge
  • Cruise the St. Lawrence
  • Atlantic Canada Cruise Association
  • Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
  • International Lake Carriers Association
  • Montreal Chamber of Commerce
  • Maritime Employers Association