Quality System Standard

“Our quality objective is to provide a comprehensive range of Marine Agency Services at all ports throughout Canada with first class service to Principals and Customers on every occasion.”

Our quality management system has been in place since in July 1999 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.  In July of 2009 we became 9001:2008 registered. We have been a sustaining member of the American Society for Quality for a number of years.  Process controls are in place for all departments.  The quality documentation system includes a Quality Manual that is supplemented by Procedures and Training Manuals for each department.  Each procedure includes identification of who is responsible for each activity, the key activities that affect the delivery of service, and the required forms/checklists.  Checklists are used to ensure proper procedures are followed consistently.  The quality system is evaluated on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness and continuing suitability.

The implementation of a performance management system has improved coordination and performance.  It allows us to provide consistent quality and service while enabling us to adapt to our customers’ and principals’ changing needs.