Cascadia Container Line
- NVO offering container shipping services throughout the World. FK Warren represents Cascadia in the Atlantic Provinces.

Shipping Federation of Canada  -  Non-profit group represents owners, operators, charterers, and agents of vessels engaged in Canada's overseas commerce.

Halifax Port Authority - Responsible for the lease/operations of Halifax's Port facilities.

Saint John Port Authority - Responsible for the lease/operations of Saint John, New Brunswick Port facilities.

Halifax Employers Association- Responsible for bargaining collective agreements and training of workforce at the Port of Halifax,NS 

 Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce - Information on Halifax business issues.

 OTANS - Nova Scotia (OTANS) is a not-for-profit organization representing the interests of organizations in the oil and gas industry in Eastern Canada.

 Encana -  is one of the world's leading independent oil and gas companies.

 Nustar Energy/Point Tupper  - providing quality services to the petroleum industry including transhipment, storage, blending, bunkering, and other related services.

Port of Montreal- Responsible for the lease/operations of Montreal’s  Port facilities.

Halifax Shipping Association-  is an organization representing various stakeholders  operating within the Port of Halifax